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Body Charger, means charger your body.

Need is in our name.

Body Charger Fitness, founded in 2001, is a health engagement fitness brand of Gee Hoo Industrial Corp.(Gee Hoo), its corporate parent. In 1976, the Body Charger story began in Linkou, Taiwan. Our modest beginning quickly gave way to two decades of aggressive investment and growth. Since then, Gee Hoo emerged as a premier manufacturer for industry-leading fitness company. Helping clients live well takes more than just the right machines, ongoing collaborations with evidence-based fundament, and specialists have come together to create the number one partner for cardio training solutions engineered for the active aging, senior living, and rehabilitation filed.

“We found that for many older people or people with disabilities, traditional gym and rehab equipment wasn’t safe or easy enough to use. The overall goal from Body Charger Fitness is to improve the quality of life for people.” said Hank Hsu, Founder of Body Charger Fitness.

The ideation and creation begin with people, because right machines it takes great ideas that reinvent the exercise experience to focus on the needs of the primary care continuum. Continuous research development is the catalyst for the creation of safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

In recent years, the use of interactive game technology has gained much interest in the exercise community as a means to measure indicators associated with body-eye-brain coordination. We explore the feasibility of using innovative technology in a more motivated, intuitive and descriptive manner. Brain Game is a software program, its science-based tool captures stepping performance parameters in order to fulfill the requirements of a well-established simultaneously analysis for coordination assessment. Users can fully concentrate on the motor and cognitive functions being assessed rather than the technology being used.

Body Charger fitness and rehabilitation equipment combined with Brain Game program is an effective treatment to help people who limited to drug therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The rehabilitation gaming system, Brain Game, has created a highly effective tool that can be installed at hospitals, clinics, or post-stroke care centres.

Body Charger Active Series- Master fitness and rehabilitation products that use Brain Game with biofeedback to offer advanced options for active rehabilitation and analytics to help therapist and patients speed up the recovery process.

This training platform provides therapists with in-depth insight into patient’s progress and has wide range of applications, from Analysis to Games. It increases patient’s motivation by visualizing their progress on the screen and allowing them to instantly see the results of their efforts.

︱ Fun
Developed by science technology, the Brain Game on Body Charger Active Series- Master fitness and rehabilitation products fit into the patient’s hand and leg. It detects the signal and sends it to a console, allowing patients to control various games specially designed for therapeutic needs. The Brain Game includes three games- Muscular Endurance, Cognitive Training and Stress Relief- and each of these engages patients in a series of therapeutic exercise using video feedback. It is design to improve patients’ functional movements by training their coordination and muscle strength and boosting their cognitive skills.

By working in collaborating with evidence-based research Body Charger provides a comprehensive rehabilitation and physical activity solution from the upper limb to the lower limb, as well as the balance and coordination.

We believe to be better everyday.

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