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TECNODRAPE - Surgical Incision Antimicrobical Drape

The surgical incision drape TECNODRAPE is made of IODOPOVIDONE and it has a grip tape made of slow-release iodine complex. TECNODRAPE is an effective and essential protection against the contamination of the operative field and surgical cuts.

A huge variety of bacterial flora is present on human skin (S.Aureus, S. Epidermidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc). These bacteria can migrate to the operative field and be the cause of the serious infections.

A sketchy disinfection and an insufficient delimitation of the operation field means a high risk for infections occurring to the patient. It is necessary to use TECNODRAPE incision foil to guarantee a complete reduction of contamination risk, even after the widest disinfection of the skin. Even after the widest disinfection of the skin. The incision foil ensures the greatest security in sterility over time for the medical team, in any kind of surgery.

TECNODRAPE because of its distinctive features, which are the modelling around the more complex body surfaces that prevents the separation even if retractors are used, the secure positioning by aseptic technique created by bug areas without surgical adhesive and by surgical bending, the wide range of measures and therefore its speed and ease of use, it is extremely welcome by the surgical team.

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