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Sky Labs Inc.

Sky Labs' CART got a medical device approval from MFDS (Korean FDA)

Sky Labs' CART got a medical device approval by South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). This is another meaningful step following the KGMP certificate and the gigantic step for launching in July.

CART has taken a long journey to become the medical platform connecting patients and doctors. As an MFDS cleared medical device, Sky Labs can now develop this vision into reality.

Sky Labs wants to celebrate this good news for you, our future customer. We are very excited to take one step closer to your confident and full lives.

Byunghwan Lee, CEO of Sky Labs remarked, “With this approval, we expect to dedicate more to the treatment and management of Arrhythmia by collecting patients’ data of their daily lives.

CART finalized the Europe medical device approval procedure and waiting for the certificate to be issued. Also, we are making all our effort for FDA approval.
We are taking step by step for you to launch this summer.

Please stay close to CART, being ready to be a commitment to your heart.

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