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Sigknow Biomedical Co., Ltd

Sigknow Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Sigknow Biomedical has ushered in a groundbreaking era of medical testing solutions by 2 major divisions —JustWipe® fecal occult blood test kit and EZYPRO® ECG recording system. Our core values are to satisfy the clinical need, to enhance the testing convenience, to optimize current modalities, and to foster a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
The primary EZYPRO® team is committed to developing ECG hardware, an AI-empowered analysis system, a Bluetooth-enabled live view App, and a professional ECG analysis center. In terms of the accuracy of arrhythmia detections, it is clinically proven that EZYPRO® is >60% higher than 24hr Holter without compromising patients' comfort during wear. Our product serves well as a clinical diagnostic tool for medical professionals.
As a Taiwan-based company, we focus on providing service around the globe by complying with various international regulations. Sigknow aims to become the leading provider of an integrated arrhythmia detection solution in Asia.

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