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Seesheen Endoscope Help Fight Against COVID-19

Treatment: Seesheen QG-3052 is used in clearing sputum of infected lungs.
Anatomical study of patient died of COVID-19 finds massive sputum on the surface of pulmonary alveoli, which hampers oxygen transport. Chinese doctors use QG-3052 to clear sputum in deep airway where suction tube couldn't reach, it can reduce sputum burden of patient's lung and help them recover.

Diagnosis: Seesheen QG-3052 is widely used in getting BAL sample for reliable RNA detection of COVID-19
According to a study of COVID-19 published on Nature, intestinal and lung epithelial cells are most likely to have a high level of COVID-19, which makes bronchial alveolar lavage(BAL) a very sensitive and specific sample for RNA detection of COVID-19. It also explains why there is false negative detection result of upper airway samples, such as throat swab. Therefore, lower airway sample, such as BAL, are preferable for RNA detection for critical case diagnosis in China.

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