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Respiro - The Ultimate air sanitizer for your home

RESPIRO is a health device of the air, environments and surfaces surrounding.
The device is removable but is provided also of specific fixings that allow for wall mounting, minimizing the overall dimensions and obtaining a minimal aesthetic impact.
The shapes are tapered and linear than well they fit all indoor styles.
RESPIRO is equipped with a powerful tangential fan capable of guaranteeing recirculation about 400 m3 / h. It uses an ICR technology (Radiant Catalytic Ionization), or photocatalytic oxidation. The Photocatalytic process reproduces what happens in nature, that is a reaction photochemistry, which allows to destroy pollutants, in particular, bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and odors with a natural active ingredient.
Photocatalysis is a process that, thanks to the combined action of the sun's UV rays, humidity present in the air and other noble metals present in nature generates ions oxidants capable of destroying most of the polluting and toxic substances.
The disinfectant action is further added to this combined action with several factors and ozone pest control.

The Tangeial Oxidation technology of the BREATH device is enclosed in a control chamber inside which a UV lamp is inserted, which generates UVC rays.
The control chamber is coated with Titanium dioxide (TiO2), capable of react with ultraviolet radiation, triggering the photocatalysis process.

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