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RadianQbio introduces "HR-501", AED (Automated External Defibrillator) for the global market

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2016 WHO report on 'Cause of death in the world' revealed that heart related deaths accounted for 31% of the total deaths, costing 1.7 million lives.

As the number of death caused by cardiac arrest is increasing, the demand for automated external defibrillator (AED) is increasing; many countries started implementing regulations mandating AED installation. AED is an emergency medical device that applies an instant shock to artificially make the heart operate again. 

According to 2015 American Heart Association's Guidelines, the survival rate of patients with heart attack is 90% after 1 minute, 80% after 2 minutes, and less than 10% after 9 minutes. However, using AED devices and CPR increase the survival rate by maximum 5 times, maintaining 90% survival rate after 1~2 minutes. Hence, using AED within the golden time of 4 minutes saves lives. Thus, public demand for AEDs in spaces with concentrated populations are increasing, in order to guarantee the golden time.

RadianQBio Heart Guardian HR-501 is a medical device that can be used anywhere at anytime, manufactured according to the 2015 AHA's guideline for CPR and ECC.

HR-501 is battery-operated and stored until use, and can be utilized outdoors (0-40 Celsius). It automatically analyzes the ECG pattern of the patient with acute cardiac arrest within 8 seconds, adjusting and the amount of shock needed according to the patient's body size.

The automated voice guide provides easy directions to operate the device; its LED visual guides for each level and provides additional support in cases of where voice guide is difficult to access.

The monthly, automatic Self-Test maintains its operational status by monitoring errors or machine failures. The device uses the same pad for both children and adults, making it easier to use. 

The device is being exported to 25 countries, and more in the near future.

RadianQbio Co., Ltd's CEO Kim-Beom-Gi stated that "As the number of heart attacks is increasing, the interest for AED is increasing. Following the global market trend, we plan to aggressively promote and expand the market for Heart Guardian HR-501."

HR-503, an upgraded version, is awaiting development and certification, in addition to a home-care system being developed.

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