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Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. (SIUI)

Portable DR System in Emergency Response of COVID-19

SIUI's SR-1000 plays an irreplaceable role in the diagnosis and treatment of "COVID-19". It can be applied in epidemic prevention and control in the residential districts, villages, fever clinics, isolation ward, public transport station and road entrance. The system supports a rapid and accurate diagnosis of lung infections in suspected cases, close contacts and fever patients to distinguish lung infections more timely and accurately, especially those without obvious symptoms.

1.  Portable DR System in Fever Clinic
The portable DR system can take chest radiographs of fever patients at the fever clinic, which is able to perform clear chest images that fully cater to the demands of diagnosis. With SR-1000, doctors can make the on-site diagnosis of patients' lung image, and take quarantine measures of patients with lung infections to avoid extra movement, which may lead to further spread of infection in the radiology department and where they pass by.

2. Portable DR System in Isolation Ward
SR-1000 is also with the obvious advantages in the application of the isolation ward. Isolation wards usually require chest radiographs of patients to evaluate the effect of the treatment and diagnose whether the lung inflammation has been eliminated and whether the conditions for release from isolation are met. Taking image for the patient directly in the isolation ward avoids transferring the patient to the radiology department, in order to prevent the incompletely cured patients from infecting other areas.

Due to the fact that lots of isolation wards were temporarily established without radiation shielding for traditional DR and common mobile DR. SR-1000 has perfectly solved this problem with premium images and low radiation intensity which caters to common clinical demands. It can be used safely anytime and anywhere with simple protection, or keeping a certain distance from the instrument and operating the exposure through remote control. The system is of great value for doctors to diagnose the inflammation of patients' lungs in isolation wards and evaluate the treatment effect.

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