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Partner Deringer-Ney acquires Hoyt Corporation

Deringer-Ney Inc., a global leader in precious metal alloys, micro manufactured parts (MICROmfg®), electrical contacts, and precision components for medical devices, announced today the acquisition of Hoyt Corporation, a leading provider of electrical contacts, copper extrusions, and contact assembles.

The acquisition supports Deringer-Ney’s strategy of diversification within the electrical contact industry by addressing customers’ need for higher voltage systems and alloys to support future electrification and infrastructure expansions. Additionally, Hoyt Corporation’s expertise in silver infused products and powder metallurgy is an exciting expansion to Deringer-Ney’s globally recognized brands of high performance materials, such as Paliney® and Neyoro™.

“We’re excited to bring Hoyt Corporation into the Deringer-Ney family and introduce their unique product offerings to our diverse customer base”, said Ryan Elliott, President of Deringer-Ney. “The combination of Hoyt Corporation and Deringer-Ney allows us to present customers with electrical contact solutions ranging from millivolts to high voltage systems.” 

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