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Optinova Holding AB

Optinfusion™: A leap in Optinova’s IV catheter tubing technology

Since the turn of the century, Optinova as a Group have produced 674 million meters of IV catheter tubing which have supported about 20 billion intravenous medical treatments at hospitals around the world.
Our trademarked Optinfusion™ IV Catheter Tubing solution is a market favorite thanks to its quality and reliable properties. We offer IV Catheter Tubing with a size range of 14-26 G. The tubing can be made from TPU, FEP or PTFE. We use a wide variety of fillers for our IV catheter tubing solutions, including BaSO4 of up to 40%.
Our strength lies in our ability to customize our extrusion solutions according to customer requirements. We offer a diverse portfolio of support services including secondary operations and quality certification. Optinfusion™ IV Catheter Tubing can be made to be multiple-striped and fully radiopaque. We produce in all standard sizes but can also customize to your product application. All Optinova IV tubing is produced in Class 8 cleanroom and certified with ISO 13485 and 9001 quality standards.
Founded in 1971, Optinova is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced medical and industrial tubing. With sales...

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