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Opening A New Mode of Agency - the Exchange Meeting between GCHW and Medomics Medical Successfully Held

Golden autumn in October, under the beautiful Qinhuai River, under the antique Dinghuai Gate, the annual meeting of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Jiangsu Medical Association, the exchange meeting of the new project of Gynecological Reagents by Guokong Wende & Jiangsu Medomics Convened.

On October 31, the annual meeting of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Jiangsu Medical Association was grandly opened in Kangxin Building of Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The meeting invited lecturers from inside and outside the province to present a wealth of spiritual food for participating doctors.

On the occasion of the annual meeting of obstetrics and gynecology, we invited the business cooperation elites in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in the province to gather at Jinling Jingyuan Hotel to jointly participate in the project exchange meeting of Guokong Wende & Jiangsu Medomics.

Next, let us feel the warm atmosphere of the conference together!

1, Leader's speech | Xu Yan, deputy general manager of Guokong Wende
The meeting kicked off with a speech by Mr. Xu, Deputy General Manager of Wende State Control. Mr. Xu insists on leading the team to make a comprehensive professional transformation to adapt to the changes in the unemployed medical market and make the company more competitive in the market. At the same time, Mr. Xu is full of hope for the future development of gynecological reagents, hoping to create a new model of a strong alliance between industry and commerce, with products as the carrier, and a network of core experts to establish a new model of marketing platform.

2. Introduction of Jiangsu Medomics | Yang Yongjun, Deputy General Manager of Medomics
This conference is very honored to be able to invite Professor Zhou Huaijun to teach on-site. Professor Zhou Huaijun is the appointed chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of Jiangsu Medical Association and the director of the gynecology department of Nanjing Gulou Hospital. He has rich clinical experience and experience in diagnosis and treatment. This time, Professor Zhou introduced the epidemiology and detection methods of gynecological inflammation to all partners, and emphasized that morphology is the gold standard for vaginal microbiological examination. Finally, it is concluded that the development of industry has promoted the development of medicine, and the development of medical diagnosis accounts for a very important proportion. Only accurate diagnosis can provide correct treatment.

4. Introduction to the progress of the gynecology project
General Manager Fei Di , Director of Gynecology and Gynecology Program of National Control Wende introduced the progress of the project to the participants. From the launch of the project in 2019, the gynecology project team has docked with a number of first-line gynecology experts in the province, and has held high-quality satellite conferences in and outside the province many times. The project has been recognized and supported by authoritative gynecology experts. At present, many large tertiary hospitals in the province have made substantial progress. I believe that in the next year, we can reach cooperation with more partners to provide more accurate diagnosis for more patients.

5. Project demonstration and project Q&A|Pan Liang, Sales Director of Jiangsu Medomics
In the last part of the meeting, we used the meeting connection method to operate on-site and present the images on the big screen, making the whole process more intuitive. In this session, Mark Pan Liang, Sales Director of Medomics, gave a detailed introduction to the entire process of reagent operation. The whole process from smearing, staining to reporting is no more than 2 minutes. At the same time, the pathogenic microorganisms are clearly visible after staining, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff. At the end of the demonstration, everyone went to the reagent project instrument to get a close understanding of each operation link. At the same time, the participants had a lively discussion on market and clinical related issues.

Many partners reached cooperation intentions with Guokong Wende on the spot, and invited academic staff from the marketing department to the local for product training and expert visits.

6. Ending|In-depth negotiation and docking
Every intentional partner is still communicating with the counterparty about their cooperation intentions. The colleagues in the business development department are full of passionate smiles. This investment promotion conference is coming to an end. The meeting achieved the expected results. The participants had a deeper understanding of the national control Wende, Jiangsu Medomics, Gynecology Project and the teams of the two companies, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Although the meeting is over, our docking work has only begun. Next, we will enter an active docking stage, turn intentional cooperation into active cooperation, incorporate more and more partners into our project, and provide more accurate diagnosis for more patients. Let us look forward to it together!

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