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Nanjing AoGrand International Trade Corporation

One of the Biggest Hand Sanitizer Exporters in China Shifts to Global Branding from a TVC World Premiere Tour

NASDAQ Building on New York Times Square, the Digitalium in Paris and Times Square in Hong Kong are undoubtedly worldly well-known landscapes of international metropolises,and having ads shown on one of them can be a boast. However, the music video styled TVC of CLEACE Hand Sanitizer is showing on all 3 of them from September 14th for the whole week. And the CEO of AoGrand Group, Ivan Shi, says that this is only the first step of their shift to global branding.

A Sword Polished for 20 Years

AoGrand Group is not like other speculators who jump into the industry due to the burst of COVID-19. Instead, it was founded in 2000 and has been devoted to producing household supplies since then. The enterprise holds the philosophy of guarding people's health, having its main production line focused on sterilization and disinfection products. During two decades of development, AoGrand now owns a production base that covers 70,000 m² and a staff team of 500 employees, which significantly ensures sufficient productivity.

Most companies in the hygiene product industry tasted benefits at the beginning of the C19. Nevertheless, the sad truth is that many of them were forced out of this battle because they are either lack of qualifications or out of stock. Disinfectant suppliers as large as Purell even had their products shown as out of stock on Walmart’s website. However, that’s never the case for AoGrand and its most popular brand CLEACE. Ample production as well as complete qualifications have been fueling the enterprise to provide continuous supplies to not only the domestic market but also over 100 countries and regions around the world, which makes the company the leading supplier and exporter of hand sanitizers in China.

From Global Selling to Global Branding

Traditional consumer product suppliers usually put little or no effort into marketing, let alone branding. Ivan Shi,the CEO of AoGrand Group,doesn’t want the company to fall in this old tradition. He forms a young team of overseas marketing elites to target the global market as no other traditional suppliers would. According to Tim Ou, the Director of the International Marketing Department, AoGrand Group has been organizing the layout of the overseas market since 2010. After 10 years of development, AoGrand has an overseas team of over 300 staff and this year is seen as the right timing by the company to put efforts in global branding.

The World Premiere Tour of CLEACE TVC, as the very first step of the global branding plan, is largely valued by AoGrand Group. The TVC is made by a top video production team that has been involved in the branding of many international brands including Huawei. The cost of money is considerable, so are the results. The TVC differentiated itself from ads of other C19 related products by its light and joyful tone. It is more like a music video than a television commercial and gives the audience an impression of professional, clean, reliable and fashionable.

Already shown on international landscapes in New York, Hong Kong and Paris, the World Premiere Tour will continue in many other metropolises including Toronto, Tokyo and Melbourne. With other marketing strategies such as announcing new global brand ambassador, social media marketing, SEO marketing and internet celebrity marketing catching up, AoGrand is shifting its marketing strategy from global selling oriented to global branding oriented, letting branding redirect to selling, and the efforts are starting to get paid back.

In the trying times of 2020, AoGrand Group takes the opportunities and is leaping from traditional b2b selling to a brand new chapter of global branding. It is certain that the future of AoGrand or any other company is unpredictable. Nonetheless, there are surfers, swimmers and floaters in the business currents, and the most equipped and trained surfers are always the winners.

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