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In the modern cleaning industry, disposable cleaning is indispensable. Several disposable cleaning wipes have been on the market for quite some time, but only recently at Flash we also introduced the disposable microfiber mop and the disposable disinfection mop. Since then these products got a lot of attention, and it is beyond dispute that the highest hygiene levels can be achieved by using disposables.

Healthcare institutions have taken the lead in the adoption of the innovative disposable cleaning products, as both cleaning and disinfection procedures should meet very high standards. The disposable wipes and mops are used intensively in hospitals and nursing homes. However, also for cleaning contractors and other sectors such as food & non-food chain stores, industry, automotive the usage of cleaning disposables has increased a lot over the past few years.

By far the most important benefit of disposable cleaning products is hygiene. Disposable mops and wipes are consistently clean and absorbent with no danger of wiping on rather than wiping off any contaminants. When you use a new clean wipe or mop every time, cross contamination risks can be reduced to zero percent. At Flash we have developed the disposable wipes and mops in close interaction with the healthcare sector. All experiences and requirements within the healthcare sector are incorporated in the development of our disposable cleaning products, which resulted in high quality state-of-the-art cleaning materials. The WET2GO® easy mop exists of 3 layers: a cleaning layer, an absorption layer and an attachment layer. Unlike the traditional woven/ textile floor mops, the WET2GO® floor mops ensure that the bacteria are trapped in the mop and not released onto the next surface. Due to the microfiber based open structure, the dirt gets soaked up into the mop and the surface remains clean and streak free. The advanced barrier film creates a hygienic barricade between the dirt and the frame to which the mop is attached. This ensures the cleaning frame remains perfectly clean and is therefore very hygienic.

Disposable cleaning products are quick and easy. There is no need to spend time on laundering, nor on difficult logistics to organize the laundering process, so cleaners can focus on cleaning solely. Test results of our customers have shown that 25-40% timesaving’s can be obtained by using disposables. Also disposable cleaning is more effective, because when using a new professional wipe or mop each time, you are assured the effectivity of the mop or cloth is as new. The microfibers in our disposable mops and cloths are splitted into filaments during the nonwoven production technology, and so these filaments are a lot thinner as compared to microfibers in traditional textile wipes and mops, and because of the thin fibres the disposable mops and wipes can very easily scrap more tiny invisible dirt particles into the cloth or mop.

Do you need a  cleaning solution:
…….that guarantees 100% hygiene and prevents cross contamination?
…….for an area without requiring washing machine or logistic facilities?
…….which is easy and timesaving?

Start with disposable cleaning. Contact us for more information about the possibilities.

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