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New safety pen needle protects patients and healthcare professionals

Manufactured in the UK, Unifine® SafeControl®is an innovative active safety pen needle for HCPs who use injection pens to administer medication, particularly to patients with Diabetes. Its launch supportsInsulin Safety Week’s campaignto reduce insulin errors and follows an independent survey* of more than 100 HCPs that highlighted the risks of NSIs and the challenges of controlling the delivery of the correct dose.

With 3.8 million people in the UK with Diabetes, and an estimated 20-30% of them treated with insulin,Trend Diabetes reportsthat insulin errors are common and can result in harm to the patient or even death in the most severe cases. The Insulin Trend report states that insulin error occurred in 40% of all people with Type 1 Diabetes and 37% of all people with Type 2 Diabetes, highlighting the critical importance of correct dose delivery.

Listed on the Drug Tariff, following its approval for use by the NHS Prescription Services, GP Practices are now able to prescribe the device and pharmacists can dispense to suitable patients. Unifine® SafeControl®is also now listed with healthcare distribution group, Bunzl Healthcare, facilitating access of the device to NHS Trusts and other Primary Healthcare organisations.

Daniel Hampson, Strategic Buyer at Bunzl Healthcare, says in today’s healthcare environment the NHS and other healthcare organisations need to deliver effective and cost-efficient patient care:“Bunzl Healthcare manages a reliable, modern and evolutionary supply chain service to help facilitate efficiency at every level. We’re pleased to be able to also offer Unifine® SafeControl®to our customers.

Joanne Thompson, General Manager, UK/Ireland and ROW at Owen Mumford says the company is proud of the safety pen needle’s intelligent design: “This device minimises the possibility of needle stick injuries, helping to protect HCPs and patients from blood-borne viruses and infections,” she explains. “It has been designed to support controlled dose delivery, potentially saving lives for patients too.”

Leanne Adam, Marketing Manager at Owen Mumford, says Owen Mumford is committed to meeting the needs of HCPs and patients through medical device innovation: “This is why we have commissioned research and have taken time to understand HCP experiences and needs during their daily practice, and how it can impact patients’ lives. This approach has led us to develop a solution that is designed to be safe for both HCPs and patients.”

In the research*, some 92% agreed that they were 100% sure that the medication dose was fully delivered using the new device and 75% agreed that it gave them the right combination of safety and control of the drug delivery during the injection process. Almost three quarters agreed that they would prefer to use Unifine® SafeControl®, if given the choice.

“The fact you can control the injection process means HCPs and patients can be reassured that the full dose has been delivered. This is especially useful for people living with Diabetes where under or over dosage of insulin can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening.”

A recyclable green cap for sterility and protection prior to injection
Compatible with all major brands of injection pens
With Unifine® SafeControl®, HCPs maintain a similar injection technique to that used with conventional pen needles.
Leanne concludes: “Whilst we supply directly to hospital trusts, we are pleased to give our customers choice by expanding our distribution to include Bunzl Healthcare. We also believe that Unifine® SafeControl®will provide the solution to the challenges faced by HCPs using passive safety pen needles; providing assurance that they are delivering the best care to their patients, whilst providing protection from NSIs.”

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