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New qPCR Green Master Mix (2x)

NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix (2x)

Description: NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) is an optimized and highly efficient reaction mixture developed for real-time PCR. This master mix was engineered with a hot-start enzyme control mechanism to provide the highest detection sensitivity. In addition, the latest developments in PCR enhancers have been incorporated in the NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix, including buffer chemistry and incorporation of highly robust engineered enzymes. These combinations guarantee that NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) delivers ultra-sensitivity coupled with highly reproducible and fast real-time PCR protocols. NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix (2x) is ready-to-use and only requires primers and DNA template addition. It is optimized for DNA-intercalating dye detection on different instruments. For qPCR instruments that require ROX reference dye, please add ROX (Cat. No. MB406) according to the table presented in the section “ROX reference dye”.

– Ultra-sensitive: detects low-copy number targets
– Hot-start mode
– Fast quantification
– High specificity and sensitivity
– Batch-to-batch reproducibility
– Compatible with multiple real-time platforms

– NZYSupreme qPCR Green Master Mix (2x)

– Real-time qPCR
– Two-step RT-PCR
– Nucleic acid amplification
– Gene expression analysis
– Pathogen detection

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