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CHIRMED Fabryka Narzedzi Medycznych Marcin Dyner

New production robots and machines

Our compan for many years is known of continuous modernization production proceses of medical instruments.

Incresing from year to year requirements of market and our clients, are make it necessary to assimilate new solutions that will increase the efficiency of our factory. Partial robotization of some executive processes will make time needed to comlete instrument faster, which will result in lowering amount of waiting time for our customers. In time number of robots doing individual activities will be increasing and with them, our capabilities. But not only robots are our newest acquisition.

Recently we came into possession of  over a dozen of machines which not only increse quantity of producing goods, but also will give us oportunity to create completly new, unknown instruments thanks to which our clients in hospitals and clinics around the world, will be able to help more and more people.

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