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NZYTech Lda.

New One-step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)

NZYSupreme One-step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)

Description: NZYSupreme One-step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix is an optimized and highly efficient reaction mixture developed for first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent real-time PCR in a single tube. This offers great convenience and minimizes the risk of errors and contaminations. The master mix, formulated as a 2× reaction mixture, contains all components necessary for both cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR (including enzymes, dNTPs, stabilizers and enhancers), except primers, probes and RNA template. This master mix was engineered with a dual hot-start enzyme control mechanism to provide the highest detection sensitivity. In addition, the latest developments in PCR enhancers have been incorporated in the NZYSupreme One-step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix, including buffer chemistry and incorporation of highly robust engineered enzymes. This master mix does not contain ROX and it was specifically developed for probe-detection technology. For qPCR instruments that require this reference dye, there is the option to purchase ROX reference dye (Cat. No. MB406).

– Ultra-sensitive: detects low-copy number targets (8 copies)
– Dual hot-start mode
– Includes RNase Inhibitor
– Suitable for Multiplexing
– Convenient setup: RT and qPCR in a single step
– Does not include a passive reference dye

– NZYSupreme One-step qPCR Probe Master Mix (2x)

– Real-time RT-qPCR (one-step protocol)
– Developed for probe-detection technology

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