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Ningbo Seasight Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

NEW Spacer for Aerosol

  • Anti-static
  • BPA Free
  • Latex Free
  • Assorted sizes for choosing

    It is an auxiliary tool of MDI for asthma treatment, and it is used to store aerosol.
    It is mainly used among children and patients with poor coordination of inhalation
    and hand gestures, or obvious side effect in throat after using aerosol.
    Especially, spacer can reduce drug retention in the oropharynx, improve drug deposition,
    and help patients obtain better treatment effect, significantly reduce side effect of
    cortical hormone inhalation.
    Spacer Cylinder Size: 55 × 153 (bottom diammeter × height)
    Volume: 170ml
    Material: 100% Latex free, Silicone Mask, Anti-static ABS Cylinder.
    For the mouthpiece, round type and square type are available.
    Color: Orange, yellow, drak blue, green, white are available.

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