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Medcaptain Successfully Held the International Forum on Sepsis Diagnosis and Treatment

As a global public health emergency, Sepsis has attracted the attention of clinicians and basic researchers around the world. On April 9th, Medcaptain joined hands with authoritative experts in the field of critical care medicine from China and abroad to hold the International Forum on Sepsis Diagnosis and Treatment to facilitate the exchange of advanced treatment experience around the world.

During the Forum, Dr. Djillali ANNANE, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris Saclay-Campus of Versailles and Head of the Critical Care Department of Raymond Poincaré University Hospital (AP-HP), brought us a very exciting sharing about his study in COVID-19 and Sepsis. According to him, COVID 19 is not just an infection but viral sepsis. Sepsis and COVID-19 share common physiopathological pathways. The clinical benefit of corticosteroids has been shown for both sepsis and COVID-19. And other immunomodulatory approaches, including Anti-IL-6R and anti-IL-1R monoclonal antibodies, JAK inhibitors and complement inhibitors, have been used successfully for COVID-19.

Dr. Qingqing Dai, Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University, shared the importance of early diagnosis of Sepsis and the pros and cons of biomarkers of Sepsis commonly used in clinical practice. She said: “Mortality from Sepsis can be reduced through early recognition, each hour antibiotics are delayed in septic shock increases mortality by around 8%. In fact, diagnostic biomarkers can provide early information on Sepsis, and the use of a biomarker panel has the potential to provide greater information than the measurement of single markers alone. ” She also shared that new molecular techniques can provide faster and earlier information on Sepsis than the blood culture, but limited sensitivity prevents them from being widely used.

Meanwhile, a total of 200 expert participants joined the discussion actively and shared a lot of inspiration. The forum successfully shared the experience of sepsis diagnosis and treatment in different regions.

During the EuroMedLab in Munich, Germany, Medcaptain will present the latest in vitro diagnostic solutions, including fully automated chemiluminescent immunoassay testing system, next-generation blood grouping system and comprehensive molecular diagnostic solutions. Medcaptain is committed to making deeper inroads into the European premium market with leading-edge products and solutions. With an ongoing commitment to innovation and technological advancement, Medcaptain will also continue to forge ahead to further advance healthcare standards and efficiency worldwide.

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