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Medcaptain Successfully Co-organised the 2022 Sino-Foreign Hospital Construction Exchange Forum

To explore the construction and high-quality development of modern hospitals in the new era, Medcaptain, alongside China Medical Equipment Association, Beijing ZYT Technology Co., Ltd. and Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, co-organised the 2022 Sino-Foreign Hospital Construction Exchange Forum on July 23, during the 23rd China Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC) taking place at the Wuhan International Expo Center.

The forum responds positively to the development trend of hospital construction, bringing together around 200 top hospital presidents and experts from China and abroad, including Li Baoshan, Vice President and Secretary General, Hospital Architecture and Equipment Branch, China Medical Equipment Association, Yang Zhenglin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, and Prof. Arthur Z.H. van Zanten, Medical Director of the Hospital Gelderse Vallie, the Netherlands. The experts gathered together to share their experience in hospital construction and management and interpret the core principles of high-quality hospital development from multiple perspectives, focusing on major issues such as hospital architecture planning, operation and management, equipment technology innovation, improvement of logistics operation and maintenance, and medical information system construction.

In the panel discussion, the experts focused on the topic of Strategic Planning and Implementation of High-Quality Development of Modern Hospitals and talked about how hospitals should plan for high-quality development as well as the necessary measures for implementation, offering useful suggestions. Under the guidance of the moderator Ni Qifeng, Vice President, Suzhou Municipal Hospital, the experts put forward their insightful views on the main difficulties faced by hospitals in the quality development, the top-level design of hospital construction and the factors that need to be taken into account in the implementation, as well as their views on some of today's new medical technologies and models, and shared their valuable experiences for the hospital builders present.

At this event, top hospital directors and experts from China and abroad shared their ideas and experiences in achieving milestones in the development of their hospitals, discussed with clinical workers and industry professionals on the way to high-quality hospital development, and built a broad platform for collaborative development, thus giving a strong boost to the promotion of innovative hospital construction.

The importance of academic exchange in the development of the healthcare industry cannot be overstated, and Medcaptain will continue to sponsor and co-organise such events in the future to promote the sharing of successful experiences within the industry, thus contributing to the development of the healthcare for the whole society.

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