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MedicusTek Inc.

MD&M West 2017 Awards Innovation Prize to MedicusTek USA for Bed Falls and Pressure Injury Solution

SensableCare System wins award at the world’s largest annual Medtech event

MedicusTek USA, a patient safety technology company, won the Medical Device & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) 2017 Innovation Prize for its SensableCare System. The prize is given to the most innovative new product, service, and technology at the world’s largest annual Medtech event. This year’s award recognizes MedicusTek USA’s novel approach to improving patient safety, reducing costs, and streamlining work processes by harnessing technology to reduce bed falls and pressure injuries in hospitals and nursing homes.

“We are honored to be awarded this innovation prize amongst so many others in the medical device space,” said Patrick Ng, a VP at MedicusTek. “SensableCare System’s patient monitoring technology helps increase the quality of patient care and provides healthcare facilities with an excellent return on investment.”

The Sensable®Care System is a healthcare IoT solution that reduces the occurrence of two serious but preventable conditions: bed falls and pressure injuries.

SensableCare continuously monitors patient movement using sensor technology embedded in mattresses or bed pads. The collected data is analyzed to inform clinicians of potential patient safety scenarios before they occur. If a safety issue is predicted, appropriate alerts are sent immediately to caregivers’ mobile devices.
SensableCare maps pressure points, which clinicians can directly view on a dashboard or mobile device. When the system detects a need for repositioning, it sends out a reminder alert. The visual map then guides clinicians in repositioning the patient. The system will automatically document these events, saving time to care for other patients.
SensableCare reduces alarm fatigue with its high positive predictive value. According to clinical studies, more than 7 out of 10 alerts generated by this innovation is a true alert. This rate is much higher than many of the patient monitoring systems on the market. The system is more likely to elicit an actionable response when an alert is received.

Bed falls and pressure injuries, on average, add 6.3 and 10.8 days to hospital length of stay and cost $14,000 and $44,000 per respective incident. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services no longer reimburses hospitals when a patient is injured while under the hospital’s care. By using Sensable®Care to prevent bed falls and pressure injuries, hospitals can reduce financial penalties, raise quality scores, and increase patient and provider satisfaction.

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