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Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage (or compression massage, lymphatic massage, pressure therapy or pneumatic compression therapy) is a painless, non-invasive and relaxing physiotherapeutic procedure.

ymphatic drainage has been used to treat oedemas since the 1930s, but with time and the development of devices, other applications of drainage have been discovered: this treatment works well as a form of active regeneration of athletes (amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals), and more and more often we find it in the offer of Wellness & Beauty salons, where its anti-cellulite, skin firming and body slimming properties are appreciated.
It can be performed manually, by a qualified specialist (usually a physiotherapist) and then it is called manual lymphatic drainage or mechanically by means of lymphatic drainage devices. 

In both cases, the aims of the treatment are the same and, in general, they include:

  • improving blood and lymph circulation, 
  • pushing the residual lymph towards the lymph nodes,
  • removal of lymphatic oedema and exudates, 
  • improving the nutrition and oxygenation of the skin and other tissues,
  • removal of toxins from the body.

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