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Linnodee Diagnostics Ltd - specialising in veterinary diagnostic tests for Leptospirosis

Linnodee Diagnostics Ltd. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of clinical and veterinary diagnostic tests for Leptospirosis. The company was established in 1999 by the late Dr Ernest F Logan OBE. 

Linnodee have 3 main products for the diagnosis of Leptospirosis in humans and for veterinary use (bovine and porcine). We have a fourth product currently in development – a lateral flow format to detect Leptospirosis in human serum. It is hoped that this will be available to market in 2020. 

Our human product is ‘Leptorapide’ – a Rapid Agglutination Test – for the screening and detection of specific  leptospira antibodies in human serum. It is a simple, cost-effective and highly specific and sensitive test which can be used in patients where leptospirosis infection is suspected, allowing for prompt confirmation testing and treatment if required. 

 Our veterinary products are a range of ELISA kits for the detection of leptospirosis in cattle and pigs, with high sensitivity and specificity. Leptospirosis is responsible for considerable economic losses in the dairy, beef and pork industries worldwide as a consequence of abortions, still births, reduced fertility and reduced milk production. It is therefore vital for regular screening to be carried out for disease detection, surveillance and control.

 At MEDICA, we are looking for customers and distributors of our products. Our Distributors play an important role in delivering information about our products and the product themselves into the hands of hospitals, laboratories and end-users worldwide.  We are looking for distributors who operate in a professional manner and can communicate information about our products to customers and clearly communicate with us. We have a history of providing exceptional customer service and expect that our distributors will extend a similar level of customer service and support to their end users who purchase Linnodee products.  

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