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LabTurbo Biotech Corporation Automation for Gene Detection

LabTurbo Biotech receives national innovation award

On Dec. 1, LabTurbo was also awarded the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research and Development Award, presented by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The award ceremony will be held on December 15.
Eric Dai (fifth from left), the CEO of LabTurbo Biotech, the research team led by Dr. Xu Huiling (fourth from left) of the Institute of Preventive Medicine, Cai Shihong (third from left), director of Tri-Service General Hospital, and his group of doctors pose with the National Innovation Award.

Eric Dai, CEO of LabTurbo Biotech, expressed special thanks to researchers at the National Defense Medical Center's Institute of Preventive Medicine for their outstanding work and support with LabTurbo devices. During the epidemic, researchers used the devices for blind clinical trials. In early March, the Institute of Preventive Medicine was approved by the Central Epidemic Command Center as a quarantine facility for the study of severe infectious pneumonia. In May, LabTurbo became the second manufacturer to receive Taiwan's TFDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and Ministry of Health and Welfare approval to manufacture medical devices.
LabTurbo is an affiliated company of Taigen Bioscience Corporation. The results of numerous scientific journals show that the fully automated nuclear extraction and gene detection system (AIO 48) achieves high sensitivity in detecting coronaviruses, which is several times higher than the sensitivity of similar equipment from foreign companies. In addition, it has passed the sample blank tests of several first-class third-party vendors with an accuracy rate of 100%, while the selling price is only one-third to one-half of the products of the leading overseas vendors. As a result, the AIO 48 is widely used by medical institutions and hospitals, research institutes and government agencies.

As the only institute in Taiwan that has a biosafety laboratory with a high protection level of P4, the Institute of Preventive Medicine of the National Defense Medical Center was the first institute to use AIO 48 for epidemic prevention. Thanks to the clinical evidence provided by the Institute of Preventive Medicine and Tri-Service General Hospital, LabTurbo's products have been successfully used in many hospitals and facilities for pathogen screening to detect viruses and ultimately prevent epidemics.

Assuming the COVID 19 pandemic continues, there is still a great need for detection devices worldwide, Eric Dai said. Because the AIO 48 can process large volumes of samples simultaneously, requires fewer personnel, simplifies the detection process, and reduces the variation caused by manual sample handling, it is highly competitive because it enables rapid screening, requires little space, and is very easy to use. Currently, LabTurbo exports 80% of its AIO 48 systems abroad, particularly to the United States, the Philippines, Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic. In view of the market demand next year, LabTurbo will not only actively work to build the second supply chain, but also make tremendous efforts to increase brand awareness.

As a pioneer in epidemic prevention in Taiwan, LabTurbo participated in the medical technology fair "Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo" in the Precision Detection Section at Nangang Exhibition Hall for the first time yesterday (December 3, 2020) to show its products to the world and communicate with others. The expo will be held from December 3 to 6, 2020. Eric Dai revealed that AIO is a multi-gene testing device that can detect numerous pathogens simultaneously. LabTurbo has already entered into a positive collaboration with the Institute of Preventive Medicine to conduct clinical trials, with an effort to deploy the device early to address any epidemic prevention needs in the future.

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