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LabTurbo Biotech Corporation Automation for Gene Detection

LabTurbo Biotech receives award from Taiwanese Ministry of Health and Welfare

The Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, held the 2020 Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research Award Ceremony on December 15, 2020. There were a total of 55 competing products, breaking all previous records. It was a fierce competition. After months of review, the review team decided that 15 products stood out from the rest and were awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze. This was a record for the number of products awarded. This shows the innovation of the medical and biotechnology industry and its achievements.
Over the past decade, the biotechnology industry, which is one of the six core industries heavily supported by the Taiwanese government, has experienced rapid growth. Innovative drugs and medical instruments are expected to be the main driving force of Taiwan's biotechnology industry, which will gain a foothold in the global market in the future. At the award ceremony, all submitted products were divided into three categories: Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Manufacturing Technology. The award aims to recognize innovative technologies that have made significant contributions to effective drug or medical care for patients, thereby enhancing the global competence of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.

This year, there were only three products that were awarded gold. One of them was the Caduceus Microarray Chip Scanner from Caduceus Biotechnology Inc. It was the first Taiwan-made product for this field. The scanner can be used to test chromosomal abnormalities in fetal or neonatal development, allergens, drugs and crops. It can also be used to identify developing cancer markers. The second product was Co-Midis tablets developed by Standard Chem & Pharm Co. A combination drug of telmisartan and amlodipine, Co-Midis Tablets works through two complementary mechanisms, making it the latest drug to lower blood pressure in clinical use. The third product to be awarded Gold was the LeSONO LU700 handheld wireless ultrasound device developed by LELTEK INC. This is a miniaturized medical ultrasound system that provides physicians and researchers with high-resolution ultrasound images for analysis in various clinical settings.

The silver and bronze awards recognized six products each, including products related to COVID-19, such as a detection technology developed to find antibodies to the new coronavirus and a product that can be used to care for patients infected with the virus from a safe distance. LabTurbo Biotech Corporation received Silver for its AIO Full-Process Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction and Gene Testing System, which has been shown to improve detection testing efficiency. A bronze award went to Excelsior Bio-Systems Incorporation for their Rapid Test Reagent for Antibodies to COVID-19, a product that has already been approved by the Department of Health and Welfare. A bronze award also went to Somnics Inc. for its platform for secure remote physical analysis to solve the problem of caring for patients quarantined at home during epidemic prevention. All of the winning products demonstrate the ability of Taiwan's scientific and research teams to connect with the world's cutting-edge technology to play a key role in epidemic prevention.
The industry index was created with the help of the Research and Development Award for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. All companies awarded so far have performed well in their respective fields. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research and Development Award. It is expected that even more outstanding pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing technology companies will participate in the competition with their innovative products. In addition, all circles, including industry, governments, universities and research institutes, are encouraged to make joint efforts to create brand value in the biotechnology industry in Taiwan and enhance international expertise in this field.

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