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Johnson Matthey Inc.


By developing industry leading sustainable technologies, Johnson Matthey provides platinum group metals (PGM) in various forms such as wire, tube or sheet as well as high-quality precision machined components. A combination of experience and continuous innovation yields quality, reliability and precision. That is why, for instance, our wires are used in critical applications in medical devices. Our range of wires can be manufactured to meet the exact needs of your application. We offer wire as straight lengths, wound on reels or as precision cut pins in a selection of pure metals and alloys. State-of-the-art quality control allows us to offer you reliable solutions that come with complete peace of mind. Our research and development are always focussed on technologies that provide greater value for our customers, whether it is improving product lifetime, enhancing performance or reducing costs.

Our PGM wire can be engineered to your desired dimensions with typical diameters of 0.15-12.5mm (add in imperial too) for rhodium and iridium and 0.025-12.5mm for most alloys. Ultrafine wire can also be engineered on request in the range of 0.010 – 0.025mm with very high tolerances. Pure metals detailed in table 1 are available and typical alloys include 5-30% Iridium/Platinum, 8% Tungsten/Platinum, Platinum/Zirconia (ZGS Platinum), 10% Rhodium/Platinum/Zirconia, Silver/Palladium (various available), 15% Molybdenum/Palladium, Gold/Copper/Silver (JM625 alloy).

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