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Teleflex Medical OEM

Innovative Braiding Technology Unveiled By Teleflex Medical OEM

Teleflex Medical OEM, a global leader in custom-engineered sutures, today announced an advanced braiding technology that can divide a suture into multiple end branches or integrate several “loops” within the strand. This continuous braiding process can produce variations of complex, divided segments at the end of a suture, or between singular round or flat tape segments. The need for expensive and time-intensive manual sewing is eliminated.

The braiding technology allows for a broad range of configurations that are expected to be used in orthopedic applications where two sutures are presently used for fixation.

At this time, the furcated braiding process can be used to customize Teleflex Medical OEM’s high-strength Force Fiber® OrthoTape® Braid, a flat tape, and to Force Fiber Fusion® Suture, a product that transitions from round suture to a flat center and back to round suture in one seamless strand.

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