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How connected medical devices are improving patient therapy

Digital technologies have been transforming medical care for years, but external pressures – not least the health and cost implications of an ageing population – have sped this evolution into a revolution. At the same time, better access and more openness to tech, as well as a preference for remote treatment, are making a shift to value-based care possible.

Of the estimated 50 billion medical devices that will connect clinicians, health systems, and patients in the next decade, many will be part of ‘therapy improvement services’ – solutions that use data to better the lives of people managing acute and chronic conditions.

With the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic proving to health services just how much care can be delivered remotely, we delved into the topic as part of our latest whitepaper on Unlocking Medtech’s Future Potential. Read on to find out more about how these devices can improve patient care ...

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