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Hong Kong develops invisible gloves to help you fight Covid-19

Dr. Cathy Jim, a post-80's PhD in Chemistry from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), has collaborated with a team of scientists from the company RHT Industrial Limited to commercialize the Nano Confined Catalytic Oxydant (NCCO) air treatment technology developed by HKUST. This technology, which has been patented worldwide, kills bacteria and viruses in the air through a four-step process of "capture, interception, oxidation and decomposition", and decomposes harmful pollutants into harmless water and CO2 so that they will not accumulate in the filter, effectively avoiding the risk of re-releasing viruses and harmful compounds into the air.

NCCO-IG is also known as the "invisible glove", developed by the scientific research team of RHT for the fact that alcoholic cleansers are volatile and can only provide temporary protection and cause skin problems. NCCO-IG is the first innovative product in Hong Kong that can disinfect, moisturize and heal the skin at the same time. It does not contain alcohol or steroids, and its antiseptic effect meets EU standards and is certified safe by SGS.

Earlier this year, in the face of pandemic Covid-19, the Greater Bay Area Foundation assisted RHT to launch various commercial and domestic air purifiers and NCCO-IG in Hong Kong and Mainland China to help the public fight against the pandemic and effectively reduce the risk of virus transmission.

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