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Genrui Biotech Inc.

Genvet —A professional partner for veterinary diagnosis

Genvet have a wide range of veterinary diagnosis products including chemistry analyzer, hematology analysis, immunoassay, urine analyzer, veterinary information management system and etc.

VP10 is a portable, easy operation, tailored device for veterinary diagnosis. It matches a variety of clinically meaningful reagent panels, bringing convenience to veterinarians.
VH50, an ideal choice for 5-part veterinary hematology analysis. Compact Yet Powerful, results include 26 parameters ,4 scattergrams and 2 histograms. 
VH30, a mini device for hematology analysis with results include 22 parameters. 
VF10 is an innovative immunoassay analyzer for professinal veterinary diagnosis. It is widely used for pregnancy, inflammation, virus test, endocrinous test, etc. Veterinary Information Management System integrates all reports to help veterinarians make clinical diagnosis.

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