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Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd

Future-Ready! Biolight is well prepared for Hemodialysis Layout

On Oct 31st, the senior leaders of Biolight and its subsidiary corporation Jun Kang, and hundreds of industry elite were together to discuss China's medical industry and to find a way of independent innovation of Chinese enterprises at Biolight 2021 Hemodialysis Strategy Conference.

At the conference, Mr. Yan Jinyuan, the CEO of Biolight, addressed the strategy conference and started the ceremony with other senior executives. It symbolized the Biolight strategy layout was ready for 2021, and it will overcome the difficulties and win the future of China's Hemodialysis.

Joseph, the Biolight vice-general manager of marketing, announced the new strategy of 2021 after reviewing the achievements in the past 27 years. The plan shows that the company will invest 1200 million US dollars in the hemodialysis business to gain a competitive edge, to set up an efficient service network, to accelerate the plasma therapy product development, and to build the world advanced comprehensive R&D center. 

Recently, Biolight acquired Suzhou Junkang made it one of the members of the group. This acquisition represents Biolight has mastered the core technology of Hollow fiber dialyzer, and it becomes the core strength of the China Blood purification area.

Hemodialysis is a high criterion area, which requires long-term and in-depth research and development for every single technology.  Biolight had a strategic vision and set up a subsidiary corporation in Germany. The subsidiary is devoted to the development and manufacturer of the dialyzer. It exerts the advantages of professionals and technologies of Hemodialysis from Europe, thereby increasing the overall strength of R&D and marketing.

There is still a long way to go for Chinese companies to become the front rank of the world. We believe that Biolight will have more opportunities in 2021 through protracted and unremitting efforts.


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