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Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Fight Against Covid-19 Perlove on the way

    As a major domestic medical imaging equipment company and a strategic material reserve unit if the National Development and Reform Commission, Perlove Medical was listed as one of the 19 key supply companies in Nanjing that resumed production in advanced during the epidemic. In the early stage of the epidemic, an emergency team was established to fully cooperate with the nationwide epidemic prevention and control to ensure adequate supply of imaging equipment.
    At the end of August 2020, Perlove Medical has produced nearly 3000 sets of various equipment. Among them, more than 900 sets were sent to China, and a total of 45 engineers were sent to the front line. Due to the serious epidemic situation in Wuhan, 16 engineers went in three batches, completing the installation and training tasks of 20 hospitals without any minute of rest, providing timely medical equipment support for field hospitals of Wuhan.
    In the global epidemic prevention and control, Perlove Medical received a total of 219 urgent orders from 21 countries around the world, with a single order of more than 200 units. Fight against the coronavirus, Perlove on the way. Perlove Medical will stand by all the medical staff to win this war without fire.

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