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Agarose Bead Technologies S.L.

Facilitating biopharmaceutical products time to market

Agarose Bead Technologies works with strategic partners like Repligen, a worldwide leader in prepacked columns, to facilitate biopharmaceutical products' time to market.

As the pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly focused on biologics, having a robust purification process is key to delivering high-quality drug products.

The manufacturing of biologics is complex and depends on multiple factors such as the type of molecule and their impurities. Since each molecule is unique, designing a purification strategy is important for the project's success.

Agarose Bead Technologies (ABT) owns a proprietary agarose-based bead technology that develops a wide range of agarose resins that are used in chromatographic purification of biomolecules including proteins, antibodies, enzymes, and oligonucleotides, among others.

ABT is extremely committed to supporting the production of life-saving biotherapeutics and diagnostic tools. For this reason, relying on strategic partners like Repligen, a leader in prepacked columns, is crucial for our customers in the bioprocess industry. Recently, our General Manager, Carolina Egea, visited the impressive new Repligen manufacturing plant in Europe, located in Breda (The Netherlands), and took a nice photo next to one of the largest columns in the OPUS line, the OPUS 80R column, packed with 150L of our DEAE Rapid Run Ion Exchange resin.

Our continuous manufacturing capacity with improved scalability has speeded the time to market and met our commitment to satisfying the global demand of the biopharmaceutical industry. Additionally, with our recent manufacturing capacities expansion, and the implementation of new process analytical tools (PAT), we have improved the robustness of our processes, accelerated our scale-up to commercial production, and increase the efficient use of our resources.

In this way, drug manufacturers are provided with a reliable resin supply, on-time delivery, and consistent batch-to-batch quality purification resin to develop cost-effective biologic treatments for patients. That´s our satisfaction!

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