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EXERA® medical wire and wire-based components in China

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The EXERA® products are a vital part of many medical devices to transmit, sense or stimulate within the human body. Since entering the medical devices field, Sandvik’s history and expertise in stainless steel has been invaluable. 

Working with more than 200 alloys, and specializing in choosing the best materials and configurations, EXERA® wire-based components are used for a variety of medical applications including vascular therapy, biosensing and neurostimulation. So far, they have been used for devices such as;

Vascular therapy:
Catheters and guidewires: Medical wire requires good corrosion and moderate tensile strength, fatigue and relaxation resistance.
Pacing leads: Medical wire will generally need ultra-high strength, ductility, toughness and very good corrosion resistance.
Sandvik 12R10 HV medical wire and Sandvik 316LVM medical wire are used for these sensors, catheters and heart mapping/monitoring devices

Cochlear remediation:
Cochlear implants: Sandvik offers high-quality medical wires produced from platinum- iridium alloys to be encased in the silicone of the implant’s electrode array.
Middle ear implants: These devices require a tightly coiled metal wire for sound transmission. Sandvik offers coiled wires with a polymer or PTFE coating.
Bone conducting systems: Medical wire is used in these devices helps transmit energy to the transducer that is directly in contact with the skull.

Sensing solutions:
Thermocouple: Two or more wires made from different metals are coupled to provide a variable EMF response at different temperatures.
Glucose sensor: This device requires a fine wire for a sensor thinner than a needle.
Electrical sensors: Sandvik categorizes these devices into multi-electrode arrays and tetrodes

Stimulation therapy:
Deep brain stimulations: Sandvik offers high-quality conductive wires with high durability properties. These form an essential part of modern neurostimulation devices.

Sandvik in China 
The Chinese market is of great importance to Sandvik and the company have been operating in the country for many years. Looking at the medical device market in China it's increasing in the same pace as the middle class population is becoming an ever larger segment with rising affordability and increase in their healthcare spendings. Simultanely it's a growing geriatric population and an escalated prevalence of diseases and disorders.

Besides sales offices in many of the biggest cities Sandvik also have a R&D Center situated in Zhenjiang which brings Sandvik closer to its customers, providing better and faster support, and will make it easier to identify new market needs and develop new products in close cooperation with Chinese customers. 

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