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Customized drive solutions for medical equipment

Medical equipment places high demands on the drive technology used in it. For these reasons, combining a variety of different modules to create customized drive solutions is a useful approach.

Medical technology is a broad field and many of its applications need drive systems, including dental chairs with their adjustable headrests, diagnostic equipment and CT scanners, X-ray and physical therapy equipment, lighting systems for operating rooms, and automated positioning units in operating tables, stair lifts and the like. Such applications often call for compact drives with relatively low power that have to work very reliably and with high positioning accuracy.Durability, quiet operation, a wide range of speeds and precise speed control are additional requirements to be met. For such cases, users are well advised to use the configurable ECI-42 drives from drive specialist ebm-papst. The modular system for drives enables customers to put together customized variants by combining various tested and validated modules such as brakes, encoders, etc.

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