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Cosylab launches a new initiative ArrowFast

Ljubljana, 28 April 2020 – Today, Cosylab announces a new initiative, the ArrowFast Medical Device Engineering, which empowers startups to develop their new medical devices faster and more accurately, solves complexity behind the development, and brings the result – a certified medical device, in time.

Mark Plesko, Chairman at ArrowFast and CEO at Cosylab, revealed: “I am proud to work with colleagues that always explore and find new ways to help save people’s lives. As a world leader in providing control systems for most complex machines, such as nuclear accelerators and cancer therapy systems, we have found ourselves in a unique position to help innovators bring their innovations to the market faster. Given our mission to contribute to society’s progress and humanity, and our extensive experience in regulations and certifications, it was only natural to offer our expertise to all the emerging medical device startups out there.”

The “why” and “what” are always perfectly defined by medical device innovators, and the “how” is often perceived as easily manageable, until that moment when they realize that there is a lack of software, regulatory, and business knowledge in their team.

ArrowFast was created to ease their pain, and help them place all the pieces of the puzzle together. The team of experts will help them plan, develop, and certify their medical device in time and within a fixed budget, while allowing the innovators to focus on their innovation and clinical benefits to improve patient outcomes.

Igor Rogelj, Head at ArrowFast, explains: “As we are experiencing a pandemic time with Covid-19, we rushed with the launch of ArrowFast. Our purpose after all is to facilitate innovation in the MedTech and Healthcare market.”

He emphasizes: “What I personally see as our main contribution is the fact that we possess years of experience and knowledge and have processes in place to develop and certify medical devices. Such experience is crucial to a startup’s success – for the successful certification of its medical device and the launch of the device as a viable new product on the healthcare market.”

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