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Can CART be the solution after COVID-19?

What will be different after COVID-19?

Contagious virus like COVID-19 has changed the medical practice of this time. Unprecedented lockdown made patients suffering from heart disease feel much concerned about their health. Ways to be monitored safely at home are definitely needed for the patients including those who suffer from Arrhythmia. What changes will occur after COVID-19? And what can we do to prepare for those changes?

What can Sky Labs and CART(Cardio Tracker) do for you?

Sky Labs has been transforming hospital-centric care into patient-centric care. In the existing medical care system, the hospital is the center of the process of treatment. However, when the lockdown is inevitable, there arises the need for continuous monitoring of patients' health status even though patients cannot visit hospitals virtually. CART, ring-type Cardio Tracker, will monitor your heart no matter what your situation is, no matter where you are, no matter what you do. Sky Labs has been on the journey to achieve patient-centric care. Keeping you safe in the situation caused by pandemic will be another meaningful way to realize patient-centric care.

Here is what CART(Cardio Tracker) does

When CART collects ECG, PPG signals, and the information of AF burden, it automatically sends the data to the web, and the web transfer the data to your doctors. What patients have to do is just wearing CART on the finger and make themselves comfortable focusing on their lives. CART means more than just a medical device; it will be your lifelong friend which helps you live your life with full competence. Sky Labs has been trying to launch CART in July, but we decided to take one step back to take a much bigger step forward. We are trying our best for the product improvement for patients and will launch CART on 3rd August.

Stay close to CART!

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