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Brand New: RRC3570 - A Powerful 24V POWERPAQ

Manufacturers from various markets have begun transitioning to 24V systems for new developments. The reason for this is simple: The 24V system leads to lower current requirements with the same power consumption of their application or in some cases, more power with the same current needs.

We are seeing this change in medical technology, and in particular with ventilators, which are switching to 24V motors or blowers. Many other motorized medical applications, such as patient lifting devices or movement aids, are following this trend. The demand for 24V systems has also increased significantly in the field of robotics, because these solutions are best suited for numerous applications such as telepresence robots, buddy/companion robots or autonomous mobile robots (AMR) used in warehouses.

RRC power solutions has developed the ideal standard battery precisely for these customers. The RRC3570 manages a balancing act between two worlds: It provides maximum performance and high capacity, but still remains below the 100Wh limit (for ease in transportation). In addition, the 24V standard battery is designed to be as small and light-weight as possible, but also very robust.

The new RRC PowerPaq is configured in 7s1p and contains high power cylindrical cells in 21700 format. With a nominal voltage of 25.2V, the RRC3570 is optimally adapted to 24V systems, offers ample capacity with 4Ah and is also suitable for very high-performance applications with a peak discharge current of up to 30A.

A new connector system has also been developed to deliver these high currents. The connector developed by RRC for use in the application is optimally matched to the battery connector and is also ideally suited for high mating cycles.

Have we piqued your interest in the new RRC3570? Then contact us directly or drop by at our booth at Medica 2021 (Hall 8A, Booth 8AG08). We will be happy to talk with you.

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