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BBI Solutions partners with The Native Antigen Company to deliver Coronavirus specific antigens

Original article published on 23/04/2020

BBI Solutions is committed to enabling IVD companies worldwide to source critical reagents for the development of immunoassays.

In the midst of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic, BBI has partnered with The Native Antigen Company to deliver virus-specific antigens. These Coronavirus reagents are added to our complementary product portfolio, which includes enzymes, gold nanoparticles and secondary antibodies. This enhanced offering means that BBI can be your single source in the development of immunological Coronavirus diagnostic kits. BBI will have distribution rights to provide these products in China and will provide further antigen products as they are made available by NAC.

With immediate effect, BBI Solutions, is offering recombinant SARS-CoV Spike 1 and Spike 2 glycoproteins, and nucleoprotein for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19), and spike 1 glycoprotein for the related SARS-Coronavirus. The antigens are produced in Native Antigen Company’s proprietary expression systems, including their VirtuE (HEK293) expression system to ensure glycosylation and proper folding. All reagents are suitable to support vaccine R&D, diagnostic development, or basic research. 

The COVID-19 antigens and specific antibodies are critical tools for the development of rapid immunological testing kits alongside ancillary reagents and raw materials essential for the method development including secondary antibodies, enzymes and gold nanoparticles that enable Lateral flow-based methods.

Original article published on 23/04/2020

BBI’s global sales and supply chain capabilities will ensure secure distribution of these critical products worldwide, with a particular focus on supply to the Chinese market.

Dr Mario Gualano, BBI Group CEO, said “At this exceptional time when numerous countries are managing additional demands on their health systems, BBI is committed to ensuring products and services are rapidly and effectively available to diagnostic test manufacturers globally. We are delighted to work closely with The Native Antigen Company, to bring their critical immunoassay products to as wide a customer base as possible.”

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