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CE 2797

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Flexibility Reimagined.  Performance Redefined.


Diagnostic cardiology is not “one size fits all.” Hospitals, research institutions, clinics, physicians, nurses, administrators and patients all have their own product needs and goals. As a result, a manufacturer makes compromises in ease of use and performance to reach a suitable solution. The result is a product that is narrow in focus, meeting the needs of some but not others. Until now.


ScottCare has combined our cardiac monitoring expertise with significant development to develop a solution to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Introducing Arrio, an IoMT ECG diagnostic monitoring wearable that redefines the flexibility and performance you should expect. The device delivers affordability to administrators, performance to physicians, ease of use to nurses and convenience to patients. The innovative, multiple-modality Arrio packs the power of several traditional monitoring devices into a single, internet enabled wearable.


Arrio is for patients who require a comfortable, discreet monitoring experience. The compact device includes a status light and an easily accessible manual event record button to provide a simplified user experience. The solid construction has earned Arrio an IP67 rating, meaning the patient can shower and go about their day unencumbered.


Arrio is for the nurses and staff who require ease of use and greater patient compliance. The patch or traditional lead option provides choice for a simplified patient hookup. The patch electrode eliminates wires and is patient-replaceable. Setup is quick with remote configuration, including the transition between monitoring modes. This saves time for all by eliminating the inconvenience of multiple office visits to change modalities or settings.


Arrio is for physicians who require performance. The Arrio IoMT device delivers comprehensive data collection through four modalities and three ECG channels to facilitate a more accurate diagnosis. Mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT), wireless event monitoring and short-term or extended Holter delivers versatility at the click of a button. ECG data can be recorded and stored in Arrio for up to 30 days, providing extensive patient information. A wide range of sampling rate and resolution settings allows Arrio to be used in daily practice, as well as research. Arrio’s proven algorithms provide auto-detection of arrhythmia events with exceptional results.


Arrio is for administrators who require a cost-effective solution. Arrio delivers multiple monitoring solutions in one device, eliminating the need for multiple products for multiple modalities or durations. It features a replaceable battery, providing reliability, convenient maintenance and long product life.


ScottCare is proud to introduce Arrio, a next generation IoMT monitoring wearable. Arrio’s ability for comprehensive data gathering, along with a pleasing user experience is a powerful combination. Flexibility, control and performance without compromise: That’s Arrio.



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