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Nanjing AoGrand International Trade Corporation

AoGrand in International Online Trade Fairs

Since the burst of COVID-19, online trade fairs are becoming more and more popular because of its convenience, and many major international trade fairs have gone virtual. AoGrand is always the surfer of the trends in the industry, which is the reason why we have confirmed to attend 6 international online trade fairs from October to December 2020 and plan to participate in more.

1. Omnia Health Live Americas (11/2/2020-11/6/2020)

Being one of the leading healthcare product manufacturers, AoGrand Group is participating in Omnia Health Live Americas to reach tens of thousands of customers in the vast Americas. AoGrand is making positive connections with the audience and receiving high recognition.

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2. China Homelife Fair (South Africa: 7/6/2020-7/6/2021, Mexico: 8/19/2020-8/19/2021)

AoGrand has been attending two China Homelife Fairs, one of which targets South Africa and the other targets Mexico. AoGrand has been one of the biggest exporters of consumer products in China and hopes to build more international relationships by attending China Homelife Fairs.

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3. Cleaning Interactive (10/6/2020-12/6/2020)

Cleaning Interactive is an online trade that focuses on the cleaning industry. AoGrand has participated with major cleaning product manufacturers and distributors have participated in this fair to make new connections and have conversions about how the industry can develop better.

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AoGrand attends international events and tries new things like no other companies can. This is based on its magnificent company strength as well as visionary company strategies. AoGrand has always been a reliable and creative supplier who delivers satisfying services and products, some of which are even beyond its customers’ standards. Please follow AoGrand for more surprises.

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