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Nanjing AoGrand International Trade Corporation

AoGrand Group in Canton Fair:The King of Hand Sanitizer Shines in One of the World’s Largest Online Trade Fairs

The 128th Canton Fair started on the 15th of October and will last for 10 days. Canton Fair has always been one of the world’s largest trade fairs and it goes virtual this year. AoGrand Group, well-known as the ‘The King of Hand Sanitizer’, has been one of the exhibitors in Canton Fair for over a decade. This time AoGrand has 300 staff putting great effort into the grand fair, offering 24/7 sales support.

Surfing on the 2020 Online Trend

Responding to the burst of COVID-19, many famous international events have transferred into online versions. This is the second Online Canton Fair, and it has already attracted tens of thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors from over 200 countries and regions. During peak hours on the 15th of October, over 5000 exhibitors were live broadcasting at the same time.

Fast and Daring lead to Success

AoGrand Group, the 20-year household manufacturer, has leaped to the first-tier of international enterprises with high speed of factory production and elite recruitment. Furthermore, AoGrand puts a considerable amount of money and effort into global branding, putting Cleace TVC on global landscapes and participating in international trade fairs around the world. The speed and boldness that contribute to the success of AoGrand will be extended in the Canton Fair.

The CEO of AoGrand Group, Ivan Shi, emphasizes the importance of the October Canton Fair very much and encourages all AoGrand staff to be fully devoted to the great event. During the event, the 300 staff is not only doing their own best jobs but also giving support to each other, which makes AoGrand a perfect team that can provide 24/7 sales support with profession and patience. Noticing the importance of marketing, AoGrand also spent over 1 million RMB (about 150,000 USD) on advertisements and promotions on its participation in the Canton Fair.

The extraordinary commitment immediately has great feedback. The likes of AoGrand live broadcast in Canton Fair has reached over 240,000 and the number is still counting. AoGrand’s VR booth is also drawing a continuous stream of an audience to visit. Many buyers from different countries feel very interested in AoGrand products and come to customer service staff for more details. Some of the customers even placed orders on the first day of their visit to the virtual booth of AoGrand. Renee, a representative from an Australian medical consumable distributor, says ‘AoGrand seems to be a reliable supplier. I would really like to know more about them.’

Although AoGrand is having positive results in the Canton Fair, the battle is continuing. AoGrand staff is putting every effort in the fair to drive to even greater successes in the following days. The spirit of fast and daring as well as the business philosophy of ’Honesty & Quality’ motivates AoGrand to fight for winning in Canton Fair and more opportunities in the future.

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