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Sentinel CH. SpA

Another weapon against COVID-19

STAT-NAT® RNA Mix is the universal platform for nucleic acids amplification techniques (RT-PCR, Real Time RT-PCR) on RNA samples extracted from any biological material.

It is a universal RNA Master Mix, that can be used for the extraction and the amplification of viral RNA from human samples.

The kit is made with Sentinel’s STAT-NAT® patented technology, which is based on a proprietary compound that allows perfect lyophilization and excellent results. This technology guarantees long term storage and transport at room temperature, and allows to perform retrotranscription and nucleic acid amplification in the same vial.

STAT-NAT® RNA Mix is a ready-to-use test and contains all the components needed for the RT-PCR reaction, with the only exception of primers and probes. It is an open system assay and can be used with the most widespread RNA extraction systems, thermalcyclers and detection systems.

STAT-NAT® RNA Mix is a valuable tool for the development of LDT assays, including COVID-19, because it guarantees a stability and reproducibility that can’t be achieved with home brew tests. The mixes set up starting from single frozen components, often show both decreasing of performances due to the freezing/thawing cicles, and the increasing of variability, caused by the repetitive pipetting of very low volumes during the analytical session. STAT-NAT® RNA Mix represents a robust ready-to-use single-vial test for almost all the RNA RT-PCR applications.

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