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Alerta Transforming Hybrid Pressure Relief

View the Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress With Evacuation live at Medica 2021.

The world's first 4 in 1 hybrid mattress with foam filled air cells, SensaGel adaptive foot cells and an in-use height of 15cm (6") for effective prevention and treatment of users up to very high risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

When used without a pump the Alerta Sensaflo Hybrid performs as a high specification foam mattress and when used with a pump it performs the same as an alternating air system. 

By inflating the mattress and sealing off with the transport cap you create a balanced-air self-adjusting semi-active mattress In the centre of the mattress are 10 foam filled air cells which the user interfaces with directly.

  • Four adaptable gel-foam heel zone cells can be individually removed and repositioned to create zero pressure under the heel
  • Ergonomically castellated pillow function
  • Built-in fire evacuation system with straps and handles, allowing the mattress to be quickly moved with the user in position during emergency situations
A truly versatile and multi-purpose pressure care system with unique benefits for both the user and care provider.

Available in different widths.

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