Aeonmed&Heyer attend virtual.MEDICA hand in hand as the leading ventilator supplier in 2020 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


HEYER Medical AG

Aeonmed&Heyer attend virtual.MEDICA hand in hand as the leading ventilator supplier in 2020

Since 2004, Aeonmed has consecutively participated in the Medica exhibition in Germany for 16 years without interruption. Medica has witnessed the growth and transformation of Aeonmed, and as an exhibitor, Aeonmed has also witnessed the growing diversity and advancement of Medica.
As an OR&ICU operating expert, while consolidating the low-end market, Aeonmed actively expands to the domestic and international high-end markets, relaying on an advanced R&D technology platform and years of professional equipment manufacturing experience for ventilators and anesthsia machines and it demonstrate Aeonmed keen sense of market and forward-looking strategic vision. Following the launch of the high-end anesthesia machine Aeon8600A at the Medica exhibition in 2011 to enter the global medium and high-end market anesthesia machine market, Aeonmed followed the development trend of the global market and continued to make efforts to launch the first anesthesia machine Aeon8700A with electronic display flowmeter at the 2012 exhibition. With its precise monitoring function and integrated circuit design, it is favored by the majority of suppliers and partners.
Aeonmed brought its new-launched ventilator VG70 to the 2013 Medica exhibition. It is the first electronically driven and electronically controlled treatment ventilator with a turbine in China with comprehensive functions, elegant appearance, and humanized design according to clinical needs which is well received by customers. Everyone rushed to personally operate and experience the functions of the products. VG70 as Aeonmed's star product together with medical workers fighting gloriously on the front line of the epidemic covid-19 guarding the lives sincerely.
2020 is a year full of difficulties and opportunities. With dedication in medical developments and determination to guard lives sincerely, Aeonmed and Heyer will move forward hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder!

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