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Abingdon Health Ltd.

Abingdon Health now offers non-plastic lateral flow housings

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce it is now offering customers’ the option of using non-plastic lateral flow test cassettes. Cassettes for Abingdon Health’s own products will also move to using a plant-based material in due course and Abingdon Health’s rapid test manufacturing customers will also have the option to use the same material for their assays.

Moving to a new non-plastic option fits with Abingdon Health’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment by manufacturing lateral flow tests with as much renewable, biodegradable and recyclable materials as possible.

Using a plant-based lateral flow cassette material will mean that any test that requires incineration will now emit 50% less CO2 compared with the plastic alternatives. The new cassette material, which is compostable to EN 13432, also uses 85% renewable material meaning there is less reliance on fossil fuels used during the manufacturing-process.

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