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A new series of germicidal lamps. Let's get to know NBV Multi-directional->

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Since the global pandemic has been a real problem, not only seen in sci-fi movies, people's awareness of disinfection processes has rapidly increased last few years.
Especially hospitals, outpatients clinics, doctor's offices, and any other medical facilities were the places, that should have been protected from spreading bacteria, viruses, and any other microorganisms. UV-C light that has been known for years has been let's say re-discovered one more time and concerned as one of the most effective methods to fight harmful microbes. Although we wonder if the pandemic ends soon and we would like to hear about its finish, still we should have in our minds that harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi live with us and will live in the future. Therefore, we should stay alert, act wisely and we should make the greatest effort to prevent future tragic consequences.

To enable the successful protection of the doctors, personnel, and patients in health facilities Ultraviol company has launched a new series of germicidal lamps: NBV Multi-directional. What distinguishes this series is the great power of the applied UV-C bulbs, which leads to fast and effective disinfection. In the series we can choose between two types of germicidal lamps NBV 8x36 P BT and NBV 8x75 P BT. They differ from each other in the strength of UV-C bulbs.

What are the main advantages of such UV-C sterilizers?

  • They enable 360 degrees of disinfection
  • They have been equipped with high-power UV-C bulbs
  • They have a built-in motion detector to protect people from accidental switching on in their presence
  • Operation of the device is possible with a programmable switch module controlled via the NBV App installed on the smartphone with Android. The app enables setting the delay to leave the room and setting the operating time, it also plays a role of the working time counter.
  • The NBV Multi-directional lamps have acoustic warning of the approaching moment of switching on
  • The devices are mobile-easy to move smoothly and operate
  • They can be used in several rooms
  • They have a convenient circular handle that also protects the UV-C bulbs from damage
  • The NBV Multi-directional lamps are cheap in maintaining and exploitation
The UV-C devices should be used where the highest level of microbiological purity is required.

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