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Diatron MI Zrt.

A new member of the Aquila family

Aquila 5D retic

Smallest and most compact 5-part differential, 80 tests/h hematology analyzer with reticulocytes

The Diatron Aquila 5D retic is a new member of the Aquila family designed to deliver quality results and is suitable for use in many environments including centralized and de-centralized laboratories plus near-patient testing. The Diatron Aquila 5Dretic with a maximum throughput of 80 tests/hour will be the smallest and most compact cap piercing 5-part diff analyzer with reticulocytes will be available on the market. The instrument has low reagent consumption (<30ml), requires only a small sample volume (40ul) and has a continuous loading autoloader, making the analyzer a walk away system convenient for all customers. User-defined rerun/reflex rules standardize decision criteria and reduce turn-around time (TAT). Being a fully optical system, the Diatron Aquila 5D uses only two reagents, meaning the instrument has low reagent consumption to position the Aquila 5Dretic as the most cost-efficient hematology instrument on the market.

The Diatron Aquila 5Dretic, while requiring little bench space (27cm x 44cm x 38cm H without autoloader), features a large touch screen, an intuitive user interface and a protected reagent pack system with unique connection.

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