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5 challenges for laparoscopic surgeons

Medical education has undergone significant changes all over the world. One of the reasons for the changes is a concern for the patient's safety. Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. During COVID-19 using all available methods that could shorten a patient's hospital stay are in high demand.

Laparoscopy is often called the future of surgery all over the world. This minimally invasive surgery technique requires a unique skill set. Unlike standard open surgery, the surgeon has limited access and cannot touch the tissue directly with his hands. This also creates several challenges:

1. Limited Depth Perception 
without binocular access, the surgeon has a limited understanding of the space inside the operating area.Counterintuitive

2. Fulcrum Lead

the instrument is inserted through an incision which inverts the movements inside the operating area

3. Distorted Scale
the surgeon works with an image on-screen and does not see the instruments directly leading to an inaccurate perception of scale

4. Loss of finger dexterity
due to the length of instruments and their scissor mechanism surgeons do not have the same sense of touch that they can rely on in traditional laparotomic procedures

5. Limited access to professional laparoscopic training & no proper feedback
Training in laparoscopy is a long process. Initially, resident surgeons are only allowed to hold the camera and observe a more experienced attending surgeon at work until sometimes they are allowed to do it when the constraints allow it.

In the times of the Coronavirus crisis, access to medical simulation facilities is further limited, and classes are often canceled due to outbreaks. Because of this accessible and affordable simulation solutions are needed more than ever.

Optimizing patient safety & quality of care through effective simulation in healthcare
Laparoscopy is a difficult craft that requires systematic repetitive practice to advance to the level of craftsmanship. Simulation is the artificial representation of a complex real-world process with sufficient fidelity to facilitate learning through immersion, reflection, feedback, and practice without the risks inherent in a similar real-life experience. 

During the learning process, tips and the final evaluation of the training are extremely important. However, due to the limited amount of time of the lecturers, professors, and a large number of interested parties, the quality of training in this area requires significant improvement. Medical simulators with an automatic evaluation of the training such as the Laparo Analytic come to the rescue. These devices improve the learning process by providing feedback and information.

LAPARO Analytic - path to excellence
Products in the medical laparoscopic simulation marketplace can be classified by the degree of fidelity. Fidelity can be understood as the quality of reproduction of the real-life diagnostic or therapeutic process being simulated. 

There are many trainers dedicated to beginners with low fidelity. They’re meant to primarily develop eye-hand coordination skills with some decision making. LAPARO medical simulators take laparoscopic training boxes to a higher level. Specifically, the LAPARO Analytic can be classified in a higher fidelity group. 

Ultra-precise analysis based on advanced sensors and professional experiences
A full-fledged workstation intended for use in medical simulation centers and hospitals, the LAPARO Analytic was designed in close collaboration with surgeons to be used by surgeons. The device includes custom-built and cutting-edge solutions for training laparoscopy surgery in educational institutions around the world and it features software and technology which makes a big leap forward for improving the quality of laparoscopy training.

Digital simulation-based training
LAPARO Analytic software presents surgeons with the ability to gain a deeper insight into the subtle movements of their instruments. After finishing a session they can scroll through a recorded timeline showcasing detailed graphs and highlights alongside video footage. The interface of this Timeline Analysis is robust and interactive. This optimizes the process of finding and defining mistakes and complications as well as showing off where improvements must be made. A complex score breakdown is assigned too, so students can get into contests and competitions with each other.

As surgeons train on this device the software can plot their individual score improvement over time with personalized accounts. Learning curve graphs clearly show progress and highlight aspects of their practice in need of improvement. Both the instructor and the student acquire much more tangible data to work with when using the LAPARO Analytic.

LAPARO operates at the intersection of cutting-edge technologies and medicine. The company is constantly developing the offer of laparoscopic medical simulators fulfilling the mission of educating, improving the quality of medical staff, and increasing access to professional training. The entire design and production process takes place in the heart of Europe to ensure the highest quality. The offer includes, among others LAPARO Aspire, dedicated to medical students, resident doctors, and young surgeons who want to improve their skills at home. The next step in increasing access to training was the creation of LAPARO Advance. This simulator is designed to meet the training evolving needs of hospitals and medical simulation centers around the world. The trainer is available in 3 options: Advance - laparoscopic trainer to connect to your computer, Advance Portable - a portable trainer with an All-in-one computer with a touchscreen, to be attached to any table or desk using the included arm, Advance Training Station - an autonomous, fully equipped training station ready for training. 
Comprehensive, professional laparoscopic training combined with second-by-second progress analysis is possible thanks to the worldwide unique software used in the flagship product LAPARO Analytic.
Necessary tools, accessories, and a constantly developed offer of training inserts with various levels of advancement are provided by LAPARO to bring the best results of professional training. 

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