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4D DWF Innovative technology creates the Best Bed Climate for great sleep

Close to 30% of Americans rather shave their heads bold in exchange for a good night sleep

Are you willing to eat PB&J sandwiches as lunch for a whole year in exchange for a good-night sleep? According to an interesting survey conducted by New York Post, Americans are willing to do all sorts of things just for a good night sleep. 1/5 of Americans are willing to give up sex life; 26% of them would shave their heads bold; 34% of them would give up alcohol, and 14% of them are willing to be in jail for a week. Is having a good night sleep worth this kind of sacrifice?

People with insomnia are increasing. 1/4 of Americans have insomnia and Europeans are even worse with 31.2% of Polish, 28% of French, and 26.7% German, all suffering from insomnia. Everyone craves to sleep as soundly as a baby but with work, stress, and irregular daily routines, it is a challenge to have a good night sleep. When one can’t sleep, he or she may turn to alcohol or sleep pills for help. Not only it doesn’t help in a long term, but causes adverse health effects such as diabetes, heart disease, and strokes; not to mention the risk of underperforming at work and dangerous driving.

According to the Sleep Aids Market report produced by Allied Market Research, the awareness of sleep has been on the rise. From the market value being about 49.543 billion US dollars in 2016, it is estimated that it will reach 79.851 billion US dollars in 2022 with a compound annual growth rate of 7%. With beds and pillows as the major products, sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment and sleep evaluation services are also increasing annually. In consequence, we all expect better sleep related products can help us improve our sleep problems. According to Persistence Market Research, electric underblanket market will expand to over 1.2 billion US dollars by 2025.  Many experts also pointed out that the electric underblanket market in Europe will grow steadily at a 7.1% compound annual growth rate. Therefore, there are close to 150 vendors in the related industry participating in this year’s Medica expo. The market potential is abundant, and popularity is increasing.

Sleep takes up to a third of a person’s life. With a good understanding of the importance of sleep, it helps you to stay healthy. From the perspective of “Care around you”, Wellcare hopes that everyone would take care of themselves by paying attention to their sleep quality. With just a little bit more thought and with natural methods to create Best Bed Climate, this would be the first step forward to have a good night sleep. Wellcare has commissioned sleep experts to conduct clinic verification study and the result showed that 100% of female and 75% of male participants who slept with Wellcare’s electric blankets had longer stage 3 of NREM sleep comparing to people slept without Wellcare’s electric blankets. 4D DWF electric blankets increases slow wave sleep growth rate by 108%, it is proven to increase sleep quality.

Wellcare’s innovative technology 4D DWF (Dynamic Warmth Flow) utilizes the core concept of Breath, Warmth , Nature and brings the warmth as natural as breathing to its products such as electric blankets, throw pillows, and belts, etc., you can create your best bed climate with ease. 4D DWF mimics human being’s breathing system which has hundreds of uniquely designed circular holes to create several hundreds of rapid warmth flows to distribute heat evenly. Warmth flow combines air and moisture to create a dry, breathable, and non-stuffy sleep environment keeping in mind that sleep is not just about rest, it’s about recharging your body and brain.  Being able to relax and enjoy sleep can rejuvenate your body naturally which creates positive energy to truly “care around you.”

The advantages of innovative 4D DWF technology:
1. Better breathability
2. Uniquely designed holes to provide 360 degrees warmth circulation
3. Strands of warmth flow retain air moisture
4. Effective heat transmission
5. Greater heat distributing area

Since 2004, Wellcare has been participating at Medica, a global medical industrial expodition at Düsseldorf, Germany. This year, Wellcare prepared the bingo game of “Sleep Quality” which guests can share their knowledge on sleep. If the guests complete two bingo lines, not only they will receive a gift, also win a chance to enter the lucky draw to take a product home. Wellcare invites you to join us at Hall 6-K50a between November 18th through 21st to discuss and share knowledge on topics related to sleep, and put into actions to help more people to sleep better.


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